About Us

Established in 2002, 7th Sense is a premier market research company that specializes in bringing insights to life. Offering some of the most experienced research specialists in the business, 7th Sense blends both innovative and foundational approaches to qualitative, ethnographic and quantitative research.


Adding Insights to Intuition

The best consumer research takes in the richness of human experience, confirms or refutes intuition, and ultimately communicates unique insights in a meaningful way to clients. The 7th Sense brand represents harnessing human senses, intellect, and insights to create compelling research.

Behind the Name

We begin with the 5 human senses: the faculties by which the mind receives information about the world.  Then we recognize the role of intuition: the 6th sense accounting for perception without conscious reasoning.  And lastly, we add the 7th Sense: developing unique insights into consumer behavior.